Tutoring and learning pods

One-on-One Lessons

If your child is homeschooled or attending the public school system you can register him or her to study in depth one-on-one with Adriane. I can teach your child basic reading, math and other curriculum subjects. Montessori is world renowned for it’s clear, fun and effective lessons.

I also provide you with materials and suggestions that will help your child learn at home.

Group Lessons and Learning Pods

As all Montessorians know, the traditional grade divide is not necessarily the best way for a child to learn.  When children work in multi-aged groups there is less competition and more individual flexibility. We can slow down difficult lessons or move quickly through areas of the curriculum that come naturally to your child.

If you have group of families that would like to create a learning pod, or you would like to create a learning group that is just your family, I would be delighted to serve as an advisor or as a teacher.

Come for a visit and see how the Montessori materials can make learning fun and easy.

Phone or text me: (613) 979-2978