Programs and Scheduling

The Montessori Learning Garden welcomes kindergarten and lower primary children to come and learn with us. Because of Covid-19 we have chosen not to run with full enrolment.

The day at the Montessori Learning Garden has two major components.  The morning Montessori ‘work cycle’ and the afternoon outdoor and quiet time.  Morning drop off begins at 8:30 and pick up for the ‘morning only’ children is by 12:00 noon.  

A Montessori work cycle runs for three hours, uninterrupted.  During these hours the children are shown new activities and left in freedom to choose which activities to pursue.  At this time the children have access to both the indoor and the outdoor classrooms and can move freely in between the spaces.  This work cycle runs between 8:45 and 11:45. 

During the afternoons the entire class will have an extended territory. Smaller children may need to nap, but the older ones will be encouraged to be outdoors.  Following a forest school model we will enjoy the larger grounds on the property or go to Gemmill Park. We also have weekly trips to the public library.

Parents can make personal arrangements for before or after school care if their schedules require it.  Children from other schools are welcome to join us for our after school program. During this time the children have snack, and an opportunity to go outside.  We also have a short period of homework support.  After school activities include regular trips to Gemmill Park.

We also offer math and language tutoring to any elementary aged child.  The Montessori materials make this subjects easy to learn.

Phone or text if you’d like to learn more about our programming: (613) 979-2978