Growing Lifelong Learners

Our mission is to help each child develop an inquiring mind, a compassionate heart, and a responsive relationship with the world around them.

The Almonte Learning Garden (ALG), formerly the Montessori Learning Garden, is a private school and licensed child-care centre that has been welcoming students since 2021, offering a combination of Montessori learning methods and outdoor Nature-based education.

At the ALG, combining these educational frameworks results in a ‘school’ building that is not institutional. Rather, it has the feel of a home away from home. It is a peaceful, welcoming, environment with intriguing Montessori materials, ample art supplies, access to a kitchen, laundry facilities, and bright windows. There are comfortable nooks where children can have privacy, play musical instruments, be surrounded by plants, play with pets, or browse through books. 

Outside we have an outdoor classroom, gardens, and expansive greenspace where the children can learn first hand about the living world. Just steps beyond the ALG is Gemmill Park, available for regular school outings where the children can be immersed and observe seasonal changes in the landscape and wildlife.  

For more information, visit our Educating Principles and Methods section.

The ALG is a licensed home-based child care centre, overseen by CROW Licensed Home Child Care and regulated by the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA). Today, the ALG is continuing to evolve with the help of dedicated parents and teacher/guides motivated to provide children with an enriching, stimulating, and welcoming early-childhood educational experience.  For more information, visit our Get Involved section, or Contact Us.