The Almonte Learning Garden welcomes children aged 30 months (2.5 years) to 6 years for a Half Day program from September until June, across three seasonally-based program semesters. This program is best for children who are still napping in the afternoon, and/or children who may not be otherwise ready for full day care outside of the home.


The half day at ALG includes a morning Montessori ‘work cycle’, snack time, and a movement-based or collaborative group activity before the half-day ends.

A Montessori ‘work cycle’ typically runs for three hours.  During these hours the children are introduced to new materials and left in freedom to choose which activities to pursue.  The Montessori curriculum allows the Teacher/Guides to collaborate with a child by responding to their interests and developing engaging learning opportunities for them.

  • For more on prerequisites for enrolment, see Admission
  • For more on program dates and our seasonal semesters, see ALG Calendar
  • For more on the day-to-day routine and weekly itinerary, see Program Schedule